Short arc lamps/bulbs

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Nikon MBF 74650 130W passend Nikon Intensilight Nikon Intensilight replacement bulb130W

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HG LErsatzlampe 130W passend Olympus U-HGLGPS Replacement bulb 130W use in Olympus U-HGLGPS

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Kurzbogenlampen Osram XBO 75 W/2 Ozonfrei Kurzbogenlampen Osram XBO 75 W/2 Ozonfrei
Xenon-Kurzbogenlampen, Zeiss Part_# 380079-9870 (alt = 381620)
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Orsam XBO R 300 /60c Xenon lamp 300W use in Zeiss OPMI Pentero

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Kurzbogenlampen Osram XBO 75/2 Kurzbogenlampe Osram XBO 75/2
Xenon-Kurzbogenlampe, Zeiss Part_# 380079-9870 (alt = 381620) Optoscan-Monochromat Olympus (L2194, 35375)
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Osram Kuzbogenlampe HBO200 / W4 Short arc lamp 200 Watt AC Osram HBO200/W4

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Kurzbogenlampen 100 Watt für Olympus LX/MVX, N1217800 ARC microscope lamp 100w use in Olympus LX, MVX
Microscop lamp Olympus Part_ # N1217800 (USH103OL) use in MVX + LX Series
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Kurzbogenlampen 200W Osram HBO200 / W4 Short arc lamp 200 Watt AC Osram HBO 200/W2

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Kurzbogenlampen 100W USHIO USH-103D Short arc bulb 100W USH 103D
USHIO 103D short arc lamp 100W longlife for use in fluorescense microscopy Hund, Olympus, Zeiss and other manufacturer
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Osram HBO 50W AC-L1 Kurzbogenlampe Osram / Sylvania HBO 50W AC-L1, fluorescence...
Osram HBO 50W AC short arc microscope bulb use in Reichert 960013, Nikon 78564, Leica / Leitz 500137, Olympus 8B-199 Zeiss Axioskop 2 / 40 FL; Part_# 381619 Lab Line HBO and other Olympus 35365 ( 8B-199)
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Osram HBO 103 / W2 Kurzbogenlampe Osram / Sylvania HBO103W/2 fluorescense...
Osram HBO103 short arc fluorescense microscopy Zeiss Part_# 380301-9350 , Olympus 8B-192 , use in following Equipment: Axio Examiner A1/D1/Z1 Axio Imager Vario Axio Imager.A1+m/A2+m Axio Imager.D1+m Axio Imager.D2+m Axio Imager.M1+m Axio...
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