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Osram / Sylvania HBO103W/2 fluorecence microscopy

Osram Mercury short arc lamps HBO 103 W2
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  • HBO103W2
Osram HBO103 short arc fluorescence microscopy  Zeiss Part_#  380301-9350 ,... more


Osram HBO103 short arc fluorescence microscopy 

Zeiss Part_# 380301-9350, Olympus 8B-192, use in following Equipment:

Axio Examiner A1/D1/Z1
Axio Imager Vario
Axio Imager.A1+m/A2+m
Axio Imager.D1+m
Axio Imager.D2+m
Axio Imager.M1+m
Axio Imager.M1m
Axio Imager.M2+m
Axio Imager.Z1+m
Axio Imager.Z2+m
Axio Imager.Z2m
Axio Observer.A1
Axio Observer.D1
Axio Observer.Z1
Axio Observer.Z1m
Axio Scope.A1

Axioplan 2 Imaging
Axioskop 2 FS 
Axioskop 2 MAT
Axioskop 2 Plus
Axioskop 40
Axioskop 40 A 
Axioskop 40 FL
Axioskop 40 Pol
Axiotech vario
Axiovert 135
Axiovert 200
Axiovert 200 M
Euromex OX.3070/3075 
Lab Line HBO
Leica MZ16FA
PALM CombiSystem Rel. 4.2
PALM MicroBeam
PALM MicroBeam Rel.4.2
PALM MicroTweezers Rel.4.2
Stemi SV 11 Apo
Stemi SV 6

Zusammenfassung Inhalt

Watt: 100 W
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