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UV-Röhren G6T5E, Sankyo Denki, UV-B 6 Watt UV-B 6W Fluorescence tube G6T5E,...
10 pcs. Unit -> UV-B 6 Watt Sankyo Denki G6T5E , 280-360nm (312nm) use in UV Illuminators ** Important: please replace all tubes completely **
€446.94 *
UV- B Leuchtstofflampen 8W, G8T5E Sankyo Denki, Transiluminator UV-B Fluourescence tube G8T5E, Transilluminator...
Sankyo Denki G8T5E , 280-360nm (312nm) use in follow equipment: UVP UV Illuminators, Transilluminator, INTAS, Vilber (T-8.M), Syngene Labor Analysator G-Box and other ** Important: please replace all tubes **
€193.88 *